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Mobile Web Weekly January 11, 2017   #140
Brian Rinaldi recommends
A 2017 Wishlist for Progressive Web Apps & Mobile Web — A member of the Flipkart team, who launched one of the first prominent PWAs, shares his thoughts on what changes he’d like to see in the coming year.
Karan Peri
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Cost of Native App Development is Too High — Nader argues that, with a few exceptions, it doesn’t make sense to build and maintain mobile apps using native frameworks and native development teams.
Nader Dabit
Chris Brandrick recommends
Mobile Sites Using Modals Now Affected By Google Ranking Changes — First announced in August last year, but worth a reminder: “after January 10, 2017, pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly.”
Level up from Hybrid — Upgrade to JavaScript Native and native controls. Build truly native mobile apps w/ Angular or JavaScript. Free & Open Source.

Holly Schinsky recommends
Design for Internationalization — Useful tips to help you design for internationalization, ensuring important details don’t get lost in translation.
John Saito
Brian Rinaldi recommends
How Google's Mobile-Only Index Will Change SEO in 2017 — What’s the impact of Google’s decision to launch a separate mobile search index, which will eventually become its primary index.
Matt Janaway
Peter Cooper recommends
Offline Caching Causing Duplicate Asset Downloads — Originally titled ‘How Removing Caching Improved Mobile Performance by 25%’, this demonstrates how caching isn’t a performance win in every instance.
Case Taintor
Holly Schinsky recommends
How To Communicate Hidden Gestures in a Mobile App — Design techniques for incorporating hidden gestures and making them discoverable in your mobile apps.
Nick Babich
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Communicating With Websockets in a NativeScript Angular Application — Learn how to use websockets for real-time communication in a NativeScript cross-platform app built with the Angular framework.
Nic Raboy
Holly Schinsky recommends
Playing with React Native Animations — Learn how to use the React Native Animated API using some simple examples.
Spencer Carli
Holly Schinsky recommends
How to Use Progressive Web Apps and Mobile Push for E-Commerce — Progressive web apps address the shortcomings of both the browser and the native apps; establishing itself as a superhero for marketers and developers.
Pravya Pravin
Holly Schinsky recommends
Building a Progressive Web App - Part 1: Background and Back-end — Part 1 in a series from this development teams’ journey to create a full-blown Progressive Web App from scratch.
Thomas Lund Sigdestad
Brian Rinaldi recommends
An Example of the Ionic 2 Menu Component — Ray clarifies how to use the menu component in Ionic 2 mobile app.
Raymond Camden
Holly Schinsky recommends
PhoneGap Apps with Vue.js? Yes Please — Vue.js is gaining in popularity, find out why it’s a good choice for mobile and what resources are available to help you use it in your mobile apps.
Holly Schinsky
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Ad Block Apocalypse Didn't Arrive and Doesn't Look Like It's Going to — Despite the support on iOS, ad blocker usage seems to be leveling off or declining around the globe. Does this mean that content publishers have avoided a crisis?
Patrick Kulp
Holly Schinsky recommends
Querying for Couchbase Documents in a NativeScript Angular Mobile Application — How to query Couchbase for documents based on its properties in your NativeScript Angular app.
Nic Raboy
Brian Rinaldi recommends
What AMP (Maybe) Means for News Developers — A discussion with members of the Globe and Mail, Seattle Times and DocumentCloud on what AMP means to journalism on the web.
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