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Mobile Web Weekly January 18, 2017   #141
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Why Native Apps Aren't Really Doomed, for Now — A response to Eric Elliott’s article, Matt argues that, while web apps may win in the long run, we are a long way away from that.
Matt Asay
Holly Schinsky recommends
Battery Status API - Hardware Access API — How to use Battery Status API to directly access the hardware your HTML page is running on.
The Web Juice
Peter Cooper recommends
The Problem With AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) — AMP promotes lock-in and provides a poor user experience, explains Kyle.
Kyle Schreiber
Level up from Hybrid — Upgrade to JavaScript Native and native controls. Build truly native mobile apps w/ Angular or JavaScript. Free & Open Source.

Holly Schinsky recommends
Mobile Development Framework Reviews — A comparison of popular mobile app frameworks and features.
G2 Crowd
Peter Cooper recommends
How I Built a Fast Uber Clone for the Mobile Web — A developer shares some performance tips picked up while building an Uber-esque mobile webapp with React.
Narendra N Shetty
Chris Brandrick recommends
AMP is Google’s Last Hope for Relevance in Mobile Search — Google is quietly creating a privatized, walled kingdom within the open web that their company was built on.
Alex Austin
Holly Schinsky recommends
Writing a Cordova Plugin in Swift 3 for iOS — How to write a Cordova Plugin using Swift 3 and supported by the latest Xcode 8.2.
Simon Prickett
Holly Schinsky recommends
Build a Twitter app with VueJS, Framework7, PhoneGap, Webpack — Learn how to create a real-world Twitter app for iOS and Android from scratch using Framework7 and VueJS.
Timo Ernst
Holly Schinsky recommends
Getting Started with React Native Development for Windows — A getting started guide to building React Native Windows apps.
Kevin VanGelder
Holly Schinsky recommends
Introduction to Progressive Web Apps (Offline First) — An introduction to Progressive Web Apps.
Prosper Otemuyiwa
Holly Schinsky recommends
Progressive-Web-App: A Starter for Progressive Web Apps — A starter template for building a progressive web app with React.
Glenn Wedin
Holly Schinsky recommends
webpack-mobile-f7 — A VueJS webpack template to setup a Framework7 project with Cordova.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Web App Manifest Generator — A web-based tool designed to make it easier to create the web app manifest for your site.
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Quasar Framework — A new framework that aims to allow you to build responsive sites, hybrid mobile apps and Electron apps with one codebase using VueJs 2.
Holly Schinsky recommends
Building Ionic 2 Applications for iOS without a Mac — A guide to building iOS mobile apps on a Windows machine.
Josh Morony
Brian Rinaldi recommends
A Guide to App Store Images — Rob Lauer lists all the requirements for the various app store images that an app can have including icons, screenshots, splash screens and more.
Telerik Developer Network
Holly Schinsky recommends
Gestures Glamour: Setting Up a Touch Menu — Setting up touch-drive gestures in your mobile apps with JavaScript.
Rita Dias
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Google AMP Cache, AMP Lite, and The Need for Speed — A look at two recent improvements: optimized image delivery and a project called “AMP Lite.”
Google Developers Blog
Brian Rinaldi recommends
Exploring App Module And App Component In An Ionic 2 App — A look at the functionality of both the App Component and the App Module in Ionic 2.
Ashteya Biharisingh
Holly Schinsky recommends
5 Web Trends for 2017 — What’s coming with PWAs, Angular, React, and Vue; the rising tide of functional reactive; looking beyond REST to GraphQL and Falcor; and the future of artificial intelligence on the web.
Allyson MacDonald
Brian Rinaldi recommends
The Power Of Collaboration — Sani shares a story of collaborating on a Netflix app using Ionic.
Sani Yusuf
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