Faded Beard

Faded Beard

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For those who are not that familiar with beard styling, you have to read this article more to find out about one of the most popular and trendy beard cut, the faded beard. It allows you to perform fade or smooth graduation to your shaved beard, consisting of a soft transition from shorter to longer beard shave. There are kinds of faded beard styles you may choose for a better-looking appearance. Here are the recommended styles to consider!

Long Faded Beard Style Suits Best for Your Masculine Side!

Long Beard Fade

For those who have a thicker beard and tend to grow longer, then the long beard fade is one of the best styles you should try! It is also one of the most popular types that create such a satisfying result, which will also radiate the trendy and captivating styles every man should try.

Get Both A Simple and Trendy Look with The Low Fade and Beard

Low Fade and Beard

Some are comfortable with longer beards, for they are able to turn into kinds of styles. However, it doesn’t mean the short one is less stylish. Instead, it looks simple at first, yet it is able to blend well with any trendy faded beard and fancy men haircut.

The Advantages of Having A Layered Faded Beard

Layered Beard

Beard is created because of its supportive and protection systems to our bodies. It is formerly used to protect the chin and neck area from cold weather or any unwanted things. Moreover, layer the faded beard also helps improve your style and leaves neat and nice impressions on whoever witnesses how you do your beard.

How Does the Faded Beard White Guy Do His Beard?

Beard Fade White Guy

A professional result that will look awesome and as cool as you want it to be, then consulting to a professional barber to do your beard is highly recommended. However, those who want to try at home by themselves ensure they are familiar enough with handling the beard shaver and how to perform a perfect faded beard styling.

High Top Fade with Beard Style Suits Best for Any Occasion!

High Top Fade with Beard

The high-top fade haircut is one of the most famous men hairstyles that looks way better with beard style. These two combinations may help you to boost your confidence. Besides, it seems manlier and becoming more masculine, leaving your hair and beard this way.

The Proper and Brief Tutorial of The Mid Faded Beard Style

Mid Fade with Beard Style

To get a perfect mid fade with beard style, it is highly recommended to go to the barber to properly do your beard. However, after you finish having styled by the barber, you still need to do some essential processes, which are the regular trimming and cleaning. Use your best tools to trim it right and maintain a healthy beard by washing it regularly.

Bald Taper with Beard Serves an Impressive and Satisfying Result!

Bald Taper with Beard

What makes the bald taper haircut becomes popular is because of its faded style. Once you ask the barber to do the bald taper faded haircut, then you’ll see your hair is being shaved down with the sides parts shorter than the top. However, there is a satisfying transition that makes it to be an excellent style. For a more masculine appearance, the short or long faded beard is one of the best combinations for this haircut.

Things You Should Know About the Hard Part with A Beard

Hard Part with A Beard

Have a unique and stylish look with the hard part haircut with a beard when the barber creates a shaved line visible on your scalp as a barrier of contrast between one part and another. The barber usually will let the side part longer and put on hair pomade to make it slick side-swept, then the other is in a faded cut. It is one of the best edgy styles for those with thick hair. If you want, the long beard will make you look more attractive.

How The Undercut Faded Beard Suits Well To Each Other

Undercut Fade With Beard

Do you come to the barbershop to have a new fabulous look? Then, ensure the barber to do not only your haircut but also a beard. The undercut fade with a beard is what popular lately. So, prepare yourself with the best reference to show to the barber. Besides, you may adjust the style with your hairstyle. For example, thick hair goes well with a comb-over fade undercut style, and a long faded beard will suit you well.

Excellent Ways to Maintain the Fresh Beard Line Up

Fresh Beard Line Up

The term beard line up refers to the process of creating the preferred beard style. After preparing the tools and washing your beard clean, the next step is to line it up, which means to generate the proper line from your neck through your cheeks. Here, not only trimmers, but you also need to prepare a razor blade, beard comb, and transparent gel for better lining up.

How To Do An Excellent Sideburn Fade?

Sideburn Fade

Sideburn is the hairy part around your cheeks that needs to be trimmed properly. As a result, you’ll need an electric beard trimmer to get an awesome sideburn fade. Before doing the trimming process, ensure you measure the length of the sideburn to cut. Start fading it from the bottom of your ear, the mouth level, and the top ear.

The Best Black Man Beard Shape Up Care Routine Products

Black Man Beard Shape Up

To grow the beard is not only to make it stylish and trendy, yet you also need to be able to take good care of it. A healthy beard will allow your beard to look neat and easy to maintain. Here are some best beard care routine products you may use:

  • Beard shave gel
  • Aloe cooling gel
  • Beard and face wash
  • Beard and face conditioner
  • and many more

Now you have understood better everything about the faded beard. If you have decided on which style you want to have, then ask the barber to style you out immediately and ensure you apply the proper beard routines to maintain a natural-looking and healthy beard.